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Downy Fabric Softener

Web Commercial
Writer, Director, Producer, Editor

Superdad was made for Downy Fabric Softener and Gen Art as part of a promotion on the People's Choice Awards (where it was nominated). This was the criteria for the spot:

1. Be about 2.5 minutes.
2. Drive brand awareness and create a link between the brand and the emotional message the advertising campaign is focusing on, the purpose of the spot is to convey the feeling of being "Inspired."
3. Downy brand must be represented in a creative way without showing the product.
4. The spot does not need to mimic a commercial, rather it should contain a message that helps the viewer understand that Downy is the hero or the enabler that allows the viewer to “Feel More.”
5. The spot should link the brand’s emotional message to its core product benefit, softness, to drive brand awareness.
6. Fabrics should be present and play a role in the spot.

Writer, Director, Producer, Editor: Joe Wein
DP: Daniel Herman
Sound Engineer: Morgan Locke
Cast: Mike Robinson, Reamy Hall, Jon Fidler, Ellie Wein, Lucas Wein, Leigh Kelly