Thank you for looking away from CNN for a sec to read this, I'll keep it brief...

Goldfish racked up 2 more awards in the last month! On Saturday it won Best Comedic Short at the Savannah Film Festival, and a few weeks prior it won Best Narrative Short at the Toofy Film Fest in Colorado. Awards now include:

Goldfish is an official selection of the Palm Springs Film Festival, my home town! It plays at the Camelot Theatre Saturday, August 23 at 10a. I cannot think of a more ideal time to play in Palm Springs. The audience will be so grateful to be in an air-conditioned theater it won't matter what's on the screen.

Growing up in Palm Springs, to get out of the house in the 120 degree summer we saw every movie that was out (many at the same Camelot Theatre). Maybe that's why so many of my friends now work in entertainment. (The other thing to do was sneak onto the golf course at night, drink beer, and go ice-blocking. You buy a big block of ice, find a hill in the golf course, and slide down it like a sled). Hopefully they'll give me some free tickets to this I can give out. If anyone's going to be in PS and wants to go get a beer and see a movie with me, lemme know (hey, maybe we'll go ice-blocking).

As I've always said, short films will make you rich. Well maybe not, but the five grand that came with the Grand Jury Award at Gen Art was a sweet suprise. And looks like we followed up with the Audience Award for Best Short there too! What an amazing event - we played in a packed 800 seat theatre as the only short of the evening (before the delightful feature film 'Bart Got a Room') then off to a party where there were Vodka drinks named after the film (a couple 'Goldfish Bowls' did the trick). That's an actual picture of the theatre as people were filling in. So basically the whole thing kicked ass.

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