Tribeca Show Times

March 04, 2009

There will be Five screenings of Goldfish in Tribeca, great times too!

Jill and I will be there Sat., May 3. We're really looking forward to going back to NY! Here’s the info:

Goldfish was also selected for the Nashville Film Festival, another Academy Award qualifying festival! In the program, they describe Goldfish as a “grand theft fish rescue.” Best description I’ve heard yet. Looks like a really fun program - playing with “Cutlass” starring Dakota Fanning. It all goes down on April 20,at 3:00pm. I’ll keep you updated!

I was unable to attend the Goldfish screening in the Santa Barbara Film Festival earlier this month because my kid got sick. So instead of partying with Angelina Jolie, I got to have Lucas spit phlegm on me. But he is better now and I have showered, so we are all good. I did get up to Santa Barbara a bit earlier in the week with my mom and saw some stuff, most notably the Russian film "Mongol." A beautifully made film about Genghis Khan. Who I always thought was a bad guy. And he kind of is, it's complicated, but they made a movie so at lease you don't have to spend time trying to read about it. Anyway, cool movie about a guy taking over the world - what more could you want.

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